# Coin Price BTC Price USD Info
70 coin logo 401KCoin 0.00008 0.526778777852 More info
64 coin logo Acreage 0.00000101 0.0068051667802433 More info
6 coin logo Alqo 0.00002622 0.1767290707 More info
33 coin logo APR Coin 0.00001513 0.1017549828 More info
51 coin logo Arion Core 0.00000176 0.0110809228709872 More info
22 coin logo Bitcoin Green 0.00022221 1.4946205025 More info
54 coin logo Blocknode 0.00000093 0.0062661436689369 More info
65 coin logo Bulwark 0.0001224 0.8232694307 More info
44 coin logo ColossusXT 0.00000011 0.0007477834 More info
47 coin logo Condensate Rain 0.00000022 0.0014826989 More info
55 coin logo Condominium 0.00000061 0.0041100512237113 More info
32 coin logo Deviant Core 0.00007665 0.5155516685 More info
43 coin logo Dravite Coin 0.00000001 0.0000673778889133 More info
24 coin logo DV8 COIN 0.00000001 0.0000937364 More info
62 coin logo Emro 0.00000002 0.0001347557778266 More info
39 coin logo Everest 0.00000002 0.0001 More info
9 coin logo Force 0.00000056 0.00376664 More info
71 coin logo GigaCash 0.0 0.0 More info
57 coin logo GINCoin 0.00048276 3.2471308168 More info
68 coin logo Gold Poker 0.00007222 0.4857591689 More info
31 coin logo Ignition Coin 0.0000727 0.4889571648 More info
46 coin logo Impleum 0.00001348 0.0908253942551284 More info
66 coin logo KnowYourDeveloper 0.00002326 0.1567209696123358 More info
60 coin logo LightPayCoin 0.00019456 1.3086301272 More info
69 coin logo Logis 0.00196913 13.2675822395846429 More info
58 coin logo Medic Coin 0.00000079 0.0053390284 More info
16 coin logo Monkey Project 0.00006975 0.4691264023 More info
50 coin logo Nodium 0.0000002 0.001259195780794 More info
18 coin logo OPC Coin 0.00000004 0.0002690457 More info
49 coin logo OPCX 0.00000038 0.0027643728633278 More info
53 coin logo Parlay 0.00000062 0.0039035069204614 More info
45 coin logo Peony 0.0 0.0 More info
19 coin logo Phore 0.00008697 0.5849881832 More info
56 coin logo PIVX 0.00015182 1.0211582164 More info
72 coin logo Project Coin 0.0 0.0 More info
67 coin logo Qubnet 0.0 0.0 More info
35 coin logo Rover Coin 0.00000008 0.0005897539546672 More info
34 coin logo SCRIV 0.00000039 0.003 More info
21 coin logo Solaris 0.00020129 1.3538737642 More info
5 coin logo Steep 0.00000004 0.0002695115556532 More info
11 coin logo Stellar Holdings 0.00000002 0.0001345229 More info
12 coin logo Tokugawa 0.00001003 0.067463212 More info
40 coin logo Varius 0.000003 0.01981266 More info
20 coin logo XGOX 0.00000002 0.0001334048 More info
48 coin logo Zest 0.00003525 0.2564319564008025 More info

About Us

About Stakinglab

Our purpose to establish Staking Lab is to offer advisory services to novice investors. Staking lab was founded in early 2017 in Germany with an initiative to hand hold new investors to make a right choice.

We get plenty of new coins being launched every day and unfortunately some of them are merely launched to mint investor’s hard earned money. Our team of experts tracks any new project from ideation and does thorough analysis of any new project before it really comes live.

We spend significant amount of time to analyze project from different aspect by engaging ourselves with other experts and discuss with developers to understand the real intent or purpose of the project instead relying on information in white paper or on their websites.

Post our thorough analysis and best of our intellect, we shortlist some projects and try to get special deal for our investors. An important aspect to understand is that we don’t just recommend our community folks to invest in any project but we ourselves invest in it. Hence, we along with community have only single goal and that is to help everyone grow their fortune by applying best of breed practices of investment management. We currently have handful of premium investors with us (100k USD investment) in our team who are enjoying the benefits of real collaboration. We do not offer this service for merely making our livelihood but we really enjoy helping others to make their livelihood.

Once the project and its details are identified, we laid community friendly guidelines before we start staking. Staking is a really an excellent technique to cover the inflation in terms of price of coins showing a downtrend. Our efforts towards being true professional, committed and innovative are recognized by many ICO owners and we are proud official partners for staking for their project. Our discord channel offers you 24*7 support services on any matters regarding your investment or any new project.

Our Mission

Our Mission and Vision statements give you a very succinct message why we are different than rest of the world.

Our mission is to offer advisory and POS services to every investor who feels left out in this fast moving ever evolving crypto currency industry and look for some handholding to make best of their investment.

Our vision is to create a market place for all crypto investors to achieve all their objectives starting from firsthand information about any new ICOs, platform to buy and sell, POS and community building and mind sharing. The platform would serve as a single place to project owners to kick off their crowd sourcing to achieve their project mission.

Master Nodes


Alqo is a 3rd Generation Crypto Currency which offers Instant and Anonymous Transactions.
It is created as a Multipurpose Coin so that Alqo will be used as a connection tool in the so called "Alqo Planetary System".

APR Coin

APR Coin is Masternode investment coin that delivers key documentation and information, such as an official Roadmap and White Paper, from its inception.
The APR Team believes professionalism, integrity and trust are the 3 pillars of a strong investment platform.


What is Blocknode?
Want to implement a rewards system in your business? Instead of leaving funds aside in a low interest bearing account for employee bonuses or loyalty rewards:
setup a Blocknode masternode to start generating BND tokens. These tokens can be traded for Bitcoin on an exchange or could be accepted back by the partner business as a discount.


No ICO No Presale A global decentralized network to plan your travel itinerary. The future of investment is here with a platform to start and earn rewards from your masternode.Condominium Coin We introduce a new currency that is based on Proof of Stake protocol and we reward generousely the master-nodes who are the guarantors of our network.



Deviant Core

The Deviant Coin is a well decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 90% pure PoS Block reward phase and ensures lightning fast and secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations, low fees and limited number of total coin supply for faster increase of value.


GINcoin aims to provide cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) - regardless of their technical abilities. GINcoin masternodes and masternodes for other blockchains will be deployable in a couple of clicks or less. Our ultimate goal is to democratise the way masternodes are created and, as an effect, prove crypto is here to stay - by making it more user-friendly than paper money.

Ignition Coin

The Ignition Network’s blocks are generated by a triple hybrid methodology – Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, and Master Nodes.

This reduces the power cost compared to traditional PoW blockchains by 66%, and eventually, 99.9%.
Help secure the Ignition network by operating a Masternode.
PoS/PoW block rewards are equal, but POS rewards are split 50/50 w/ stakers & Master Node operators.


The Lightpaycoin Management Team is dedicated to driving positive change and offering safer, faster and inexpensive financial products and services to people worldwide. We carefully monitor the industry and comply with all regulations, thus fulfilling our commitment to shareholders for transparency, compliance and business excellence. In line with our vision to create a mass market for Lightpaycoin, we aim to ensure global usage for the coin. Lightpaycoin is the best cryptocurrency for merchants - easy to use and with a blockchain running every minute


PIVX is  a form of digital online money using blockchain technology that can be easily transferred all around the world in a blink of an eye with nearly non-existent transaction fees with market leading security & privacy. PIVX is a multifaceted community-centric endeavor in the blockchain tech and cryptocurrency realms.  What we mean by that is this:  There are many components of what and who PIVX is and why PIVX was manifested. 

Staking Pool Coins

Condensate Rain

Condensation is initiated by the formation of clusters within its volume. RAIN is distributed across the Condensation network anonymously and securely, with the ability to send encrypted messages. Is it going to RAIN today? You can count on a solid 200% RoI yearly in RAIN showers.


Impleum is a blockchain for enterprise software Impleum is an innovative end-to-end solution designed for implementation blockchain into mobile, web and desktop enterprise applications and other software. The core of Impleum platform is an object-oriented programming language C # with a huge developer community and suitable for a wide range of tasks.


We welcome all experienced traders and also beginners in this fascinating, young, but difficult world of cryptocurrencies.We are the first team which approached creation of a coin under the leadership of the master Feng Shui. It was considered more than 100 options of cards of destiny, analyzed dozens of existing coins and selected one most suitable, most profitable for success, financial stability and longevity of the project in which according to all available information you can achieve significant results.We present to yours the project on an algorithm "Scrypt" about a possibility of POS of mining - PEONY (PNY).PEONY is one of the main flower symbols of Chinese culture. It symbolizes wealth, wellbeing and prosperity, in one word the imperial flower. According to the teachings of Feng Shui the peony attracts luck and symbolizes all the best that happens in a human life.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do i deposit Coins

  1. go to Wallets
  2. Choose the Coin you want to send (...)
  3. Click on "generate address" and copy it by clicking on it again
  4. send your coins to that address
  5. your coins will show up in the next 90 minutes

After this, go to a Pool to INVEST them!
The Coins aren't staking in your wallet!

How do i Invest in a Pool?

You need to have Coins in your personal wallet before you can invest them, following these steps:

  1. Go to a Pool of your choice
  2. Click on the "Deposit" ➕followed by "INVEST" Button
  3. Add a value that u would like to deposit
  4. Happy Staking

Masternode Rules!

  • Deposit Fee = 0%
  • Reward Fee = 5%
  • Withdrawal Fee = 0%
  • For most MN: there is no Min Dep
  • Rewards get paid 1 / week Share holders should send a request each Friday Each Shareholder can decide to reinvest or withdraw this reward.
  • A shareholder can free his place with prior notice of maximum 1 week so that this can be offered to others, to give them the opportunity to participate and not have to completely dissolve the MN.

What is POS (proof of stake)?

Text in Ethereum Wiki

What is POS (Proof of Stake) as compared to POW (Proof of Work) The first Cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin, use Proof of Work (POW) as method to define who (which “miner”) can add the next block.

That is, potential miners need to solve additional mathematical problems with are unrelated to the task of processing transactions. This is called “difficulty” – the aim is to make the threshold for mining high enough so that not to many blocks are mined.

Increasing difficulty off expensive coins leads to extreme waste of resources, notably electricity. Proof of Stake tries to avoid this waste. Instead of solving mathematical puzzles, potential miners (here called stakers) need to leave a certain amount of coins “unspent” – that is not moved – in their wallet.
Thus the name – they have to put their coins “at stake” – while they are staking, they can’t be sent.

So – what is staking?
Leaving your wallet online, to support the network, and leaving some of your coins unmoved on the same address for some time, and thus earning reward.

Staking Rules

  • Deposit anytime! we combine ("CC") your coins after after a stake (see your status)
  • Withdrawal requests will be completed after a stake (max 1 /day) / before we combine "CC"
  • 3% fee for every reward is deducted
  • withdrawal fee is 0.1%

Where are my Masternode Rewards shown?

All your rewards go directly into your wallet!

Masternode Payout Requests!

Dear Masternode Members!

Shared Masternode withdrawals are possible every Tuesday and Friday.
It's important that you have a maximum of 1 active withdrawal process at the same time.
Withdrawal requests before 6 PM (GMT+1) on Tue + Fri will be processed. After this time you will have to wait until next payout day.

Instant Nodes ofc payout every day

How much should i invest?

As a staking pool, we will work to the best interest of the Staking Lab community to make it as rewarding as possible to everyone.

We don't want to make a minimum you need to invest or fixed seats, so every amount is okay from our side.

As always the golden rule applies: Do not invest more than you are willing to lose!!

Staking Lab is not responsible for any losses.

What is an Instant Node?

Instant Masternode, means:

you can deposit and leave this node like a "normal" pos pool

- you'll earn rewards immediately after deposit

- you can also reinvest from or to this node

- no waiting or setup time

- you can leave when you need your coins

- no waiting or replacement needed


For this "Special Service" also special fees apply:

- deposit fee: 3%

- wd fee: 0.2%

- reward fee: 7.5%

Why stake in our Pool?

  • The StakingLab team works with the best of our knowledge and effort to make this project as rewarding as possible for the community and your.
  • Our servers run the wallets online 24/7 for your coins, backup every 2hour and server access only by 2FA.
  • Staking Lab is always updated with latest announcements to ensure your coins are being staked in the latest wallet.
  • Our community is increasingly growing, that means your will be staking faster in the pool then solo-staking and benefits from compounding effect.
  • Staking Lab gives everyone a higher chance to hit superblocks by joining the staking pool.

Other benefits:

  • New updates are always shared with the community
  • We share and discuss on new POS coins opportunities with everyone.
  • We are more than just a staking pool, we are here for you and help you along your journey in POS staking.

Let’s stake together!

How does the Referral System work?

Referrals % of Shares
1 - 5 3%
6-10 5%
11-50 10%
50-100 15%
101+ 20%

Which Fees apply?

  POS MN Instant
Reward 3% 5% 7.5%
Deposit 0% 0% 3%
Withdrawal 0.1% 0% 0.2%


How do i withdraw my funds from my "deposit wallet"?

For POS Coins, please invest them into the specific Pool and make your Withdrawal request inside the pool.

For Masternodes or Instant Nodes, invest your Coins in the specific "Payout Pool", like #OPCX | PAYOUT ONLY! | OPCX for OPCX.

Then make your Withdrawal request inside that pool.



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