About Us

Established in early 2017 in Germany, Stakinglab launched with an objective to offer a comprehensive platform to investors and project owners for proof of stake coins, masternode coins and other relevant services. Stakinglab hosts the best masternode and staking coins after thorough analysis. In less than two year time, the company has grown from 3 staffs to a 20 member team serving more than 10k active investors out of 20k community members. Our team of experts identifies and evaluates potential new projects before it is made available for the wider audience and help the community to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Stakinglab platform is a secure, fully compliant with Google 2FA security where entrepreneurs can list their best coins to stake for more than 20k community members and at the same time, Stakinglab strives to bring first hand benefits to its members in terms of special pricing, rewards etc. As an investor, you will get robust information that can play a critical role in making the right decision to pick the best proof of stake or masternode coin. Client centricity plays a vital role in client success and our 15 qualified team members are always there to assist you with your queries and concerns in timely manner.

Currently, we have the best masternode coins to invest in, and the best staking coins that offer low risk which makes POS cryptocurrency an interesting area to everyone. Stakinglab does not only list the coins but personalize the support based on individual needs. There are thousand’s of Instant Nodes, Masternodes and close to a hundred Staking Pools offering various benefits to our community members. Our automated rewards payment system pays frequent rewards for instance proof of stake and masternode coins.

Our mission is to offer advisory and POS services to every investor in this fast moving, ever evolving crypto/digital industry and offer a sophisticated platform for project owners to manage end to end project delivery.

Our vision is to create a market place for all crypto investors to achieve their objective starting from first-hand information about POS/masternode coins, best coins to stake, ICOs, a platform to buy and sell, community building and mind sharing. The platform would serve as a single place to project owners to kick off their crowdsourcing to achieve their project goals.