the new stakinglab

the new stakinglab

Dear Community,

I am very happy to join the Stakinglab and proud to take this brand under my umbrella! As an investor, I am familiar with the Stakinglab ecosystem very well. I was always believed in the potential of the Stakinglab, this helped me with my decision.

With our background and experience, we will contribute a lot and we are very sure that you will see the positive changes within a short time. 

I am certain that this project can be a great opportunity for me and my team. 

We are going to give you just a short description for now with some plans that we will be dealing in near future and the following days, we will continue keeping the community informed with our progress and with the plans that we have.

Main points that we will be focused now are:

  1. Burn all the LABX coins that remained on the LABX platform around 250k $LABXB

  2. Burn all the LABX coins that were collected due to the ecosystem over last month around 50k

  3. Improve the Stakinglab website

  4. Redesign of Clicknode, we will be focusing on increasing the usability with new features

  5. Decrease the production cost by keeping or increase the stability

  6. Continues developing on the ecosystem

  7. Updating the roadmap

  8. Update the $LABX Wallet

As we were informed, there have been a small number of coins that remained on the Stakinglab pool when the shutdown happened. The former team informed me that all the remained coins were burned as they announced on their newsletters and publications. We will be trying our best, but it will be time that we ask you kindly to understand that we cannot say more, and cannot sadly we cannot help you with questions of this nature.

With your trust and your support, we will bring the Stakinglab ecosystem and the $LABX coin at the place where all of us believe it should be. Our first goal is to bring LABX under the top 500 at CMC.

Thank you for understanding and be ready for amazing things that are about to come!