Stakinglab – A journey of a passionate crypto investor

Stakinglab – A journey of a passionate crypto investor

The birth of stakinglab as an organization is very interesting. This is a tale of an enthusiastic crypto investor who wanted to understand how does this entire industry work. He preferred to put some fortune at stake so that he can get enough motivation to learn and explore nuances of this market.

While he was trying to develop strategies to grow his fortune as an investor, his entrepreneurship experience was also at play. Being a visionary leader, he quickly understood that PoS can benefit investors and he realized the need to serve people. This was the day when he decided to start to build a team of like-minded people to help the community understand the benefits of PoS for a cryptocurrency project. 

When you have the right intent, building a team isn’t a difficult task and so was the case here. Stakinglab brand was created in the year 2017 and got his own team of 3 members. The operation was begun without having any sophisticated platform. Shortly a pool of investors was gathered and excel was the only mechanism to calculate and distribute the rewards to the pool members. 

Even though Stakinglab didn’t have proper tools and processed in the beginning, the team members were thoroughly professional and committed to helping pool members. Within a quarter of operation, a pool of investors grew to a significant level and need to utilize technology became evident. That’s when Stakinglab created an R&D department to develop tools and software for their operation. Stakinglab commitment can be understood by the fact that stakinglab didn’t launch ICO for crowdsourcing instead, core team members contributed all the needed money to develop software solutions. 

Hard work and commitment always pays off and it is absolutely true in case of Stakinglab. Stakinglab currently serving more than 25K investors in some or other forms and having a very sophisticated platform to make investors life easier. Stakinglab is growing stronger every day by offering something valuable to its community and recent in the is the launch of their masternode platform called Clicknode. Clicknode is just the beginning as they have a very strong roadmap with a committed to delivering every single milestone of the roadmap. 

Clicknode is not just another hosting platform but it is the platform which is being used by your favorite Stakinglab for years to host your masternodes. After successful usage for a year, we are glad to introduce this proven platform to our partners and customers. We have simplified all the technical challenges and have made it possible to host your own masternode. 

Clicknode gives a reason to rejoice to those who do not have great technical skills or those who have technical knowledge but do not want to spend the time to manage VPS or servers. Clicknode is also enabled with a most advanced monitoring tool that monitors the overall health of your masternode and related infrastructure. It offers a very intuitive dashboard highlighting all important parameters like rewards, their frequency, overall infrastructure availability etc. On top of the automatic monitoring solution, we have an excellent support team to take care of any unfavorable situation and regular activities like wallet updates and node synchronization.

StakingLab believes in bringing real value by offering a holistic platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our research shows that people point out for consolidation of services for simplicity instead of having too many platforms to achieve their objective of growing funds in the world of crypto/digital currency. Stakinglab’s next-generation platform will offer the following services along with existing POS and masternode services:

¬ A sophisticated payment platform 

¬ Specialized job portal for crypto currency or blockchain domain

¬ Advisory services, security vulnerability assessment for blockchain

¬ Single click masternode hosting 

¬ Next gen cryptocurrency exchange for POS & masternode coins 

Each of these solutions is focusing to address a real problem. For an instance, Stakinglab currently relies on other currencies as a mode of payment and have no control over their operations. As stakinglab expanding its services, it would require to have its own payment system to offer maximum benefits to its community members. To achieve this objective, Stakinglab has its own coin that is now empowering the stakinglab ecosystem and was being accepted as a mode of payment for all the services offered by stakinglab and its subsidiary like Clicknode.

Stakinglab coin presale has been completed successfully and now being traded on many exchanges like CryptoBridge and CoinExchange etc.. Stakinglab always aims to deliver the best services and win more laurels from our esteemed customers.

It proves again that if a person decides to achieve something wholeheartedly and work religiously towards it, it is all possible with time. Success always kisses the feet of those who believe in their dreams and this saying is absolutely relevant with stakinglab like many others.

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