Shared Masternode & PoS Pool service! Biweekly update blog 08/02/2019 Shared Masternode & PoS Pool service! Biweekly update blog 08/02/2019

Welcome to the twentieth biweekly update blog. In this blog we will be summing up what has happened in the past few days and what will be coming in the near future.


News and events:

Some users got suspicious emails from “Stakinglab” regarding the upcoming Peony swap. We will NEVER ask you to send any coin to some defined address via mail or any other medium. Please report such occasions to the team as soon as possible.


We are very proud to announce that the 2nd LabX integration is right around the corner, as of 01/03/2019 LabX payment will be enabled as the only payment option on Stakinglab's subsidiary company which will lead to another huge increase in demand. For more general information about Clicknode and its pricing check out the latest blog where we will explain you the ins and outs;


PRJ wallets are crashing, all masternodes and deposits of PRJ will be on Maintenance mode until a proper wallet is realised.


Due to a wallet change we decided to delete all old LUX deposit addresses. DO NOT send any new funds to your old deposit address since that would lead to your funds being lost.


New masternodes:

DASHG-MN-018 :

DKPC-MN-002 :

DKPC-MN-003 :

DKPC-MN-004 :

ICA-MN-001 :

LGS-MN-011 :

MARC-MN-034 :

MARC-MN-035 :


New instant nodes:

DACHX-MN-002 | Instant :

ICA-MN-002 | Instant :

MARC-MN-032 | Instant :

MARC-MN-033 | Instant :

SINS-MN-007 | Instant :


If it turns out that the nodes of the coin you are trying to invest in are full then make sure to request a new one in the Discord which can be found on our site. Please keep in mind we do not make any more nodes for the following coins: APR, ARION, BND, CDM, FOX, GCASH, PHON, PRJ, POWO, PRX and SCRIV.


Thanks for reading the twentieth biweekly update blog.

We look forward to seeing you in the next one.




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