Burn of the collected coins due to the  ecosystem over last month in value of 50k $LabX

Burn of the collected coins due to the ecosystem over last month in value of 50k $LabX

Dear Community,

First of all, today Stakinglab is burning $ 50,000 LABX coins collected over our in-house ecosystem!

Further, we are going to talking about the Stakinglab ecosystem, price analysis, and the associated coin burning. 

At the POS and Masternode, coin projects, and digital currency systems, there are only a few coins that have a functioning cycle of coins for real trading and exchange for goods and services. Most of the projects that can be found on Mastenodes.online and similar portals are more wishful thinking and white papers that are filled with illusions, but in reality, very less number of projects or cryptocurrencies has a real use case. 

The Stakinglab founders and LABX inventors thought about a functioning coin cycle at a very early stage. To enable a functioning ecosystem, they first built structures and then launched the $LABX coin on the market. Stakinglab has always developed a lot. There was never time to brag and show off. That is what makes this project so authentic and interesting.

If we look at the Stakinglab $LabX roadmap, we see two crucial to-do’s that are yet to come. The Job Seeker portal and Blockchain as a Service. As a long-time business owner, I know how difficult it is to find talented and motivated employees. Especially in the crypto scene, it is even more difficult as it is a very special industry category.

In the near future "the new Stakinglab" will continue to promote the Masternode cold hosting service. Additionally, we will launch the job seeker and talent hunter portal. We will also provide am Masternode Hosting 2.0 with additional functions and some more tools that will burn more $LabX coins.


Very soon we will introduce the Developer and Marketing team, which stands behind the new Stakinglab. We are convinced that the latest events strengthen the trust of the Stakinglab community all the more. We will try very hard to increase the number of members and increase the demand for $ LABX sustainably

As a result of the latest events, we see an almost 430% price increase for the LABX coin. This trend will continue through future events. Therefore, we appeal to the LABX holder community to continue hold their coins. From the Chart perspective, there is no reason to sell LABX coins today. Just buy or keep profit from the bullish trend