Everything you need to know about Clicknode masternode hosting

In October 2018 Stakinglab decided to launch its subsidiary company called Clicknode. Clicknode was created for one simple reason, hosting private nodes with the click of a button. Getting into masternode coins seems difficult at first. You are required to have a significant amount of technical knowledge in order to set up your node. Clicknode is here to help you, whether it’s because you do not have access to the required knowledge or simply because it saves you a lot of time and hassle. On top of technical reasons to choose Clicknode they also offer premium support and offer a very convenient, intuitive dashboard (that can be seen in the picture below) which shows you everything you need to know about your rewards, value and the overall health of your masternode.



Now let’s talk about pricing. Clicknode is one of the cheapest options when it comes to masternode hosting. Clicknode offers 2 server types which are shared servers and dedicated server. Now you may ask yourself, what do these 2 terms mean? We are gonna explain to you.


The name already suggests its meaning, a shared server is a server you share with other people and which will run 3 to 4 coin wallets on one server. While this is not necessarily a bad thing it can occur that another wallet on the server is having issues which can lead to complications or downtime on your nodes, of course Clicknode tries to prevent such occasions but you are always vulnerable to such. Because the server is shared, prices are significantly lower than dedicated servers which we will get into now.


For everything is a solution, that’s why Clicknode also offers dedicated servers. Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers are only eligible to run 1 masternode of 1 coin thus has only 1 owner. Having a dedicated server means you are in full control of the server and because there is only one wallet running on the server the chance of downtime is very low compared to shared servers. Since a dedicated server is only used by one person prices will be significantly higher than shared servers where pricing is essentially split between multiple investors. Now you know the difference between a shared and dedicated server let’s move onto the actual pricing.


On Clicknode you pay with Clix, which you can only buy with LabX. 1 Clix is worth $0.17. The price of hosting a shared server is 1 Clix a day which is equivalent to $0.17. The price of hosting a dedicated server is 3 Clix a day which is equivalent to $0.51. Keep in mind that counting is every day at 00:00 GMT +1 that means your first few hours can be free. Clix are getting sold in the following packages: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. The more expensive the package the more discount you get. For more information about the packages please take a look at the graphic below where you can find the content, price, and discount for each package.



Feel like hosting your node for “free”? With the Clicknode referral program, you get 25% of users their Clix spending. Here is an example, let’s say you referred your friend because he is a masternode enthusiast just like yourself. He decides to buy 30 Clix so he can run a shared server for 30 days. Every day he will spend 1 Clix to keep his server running, that means you will receive a daily 25% of his 1 Clix spend which comes down to 0.25 Clix.


Now you read this guide we hope you have some more knowledge about Clicknode and what benefits it can bring to investors. Still have any questions or doubts? Clicknode support is available around-the-clock and can be found at https://discord.gg/JwTPF7s