Clicknode the best option for hosting

Clicknode the best option for hosting blog 05/03/2019

March 5, 2019

Clicknode the best option for hosting masternodes and with the innovative payment system LabX

Welcome to this new weekly blog on March 5, 2019 in which we will talk about something that is causing a lot of stir in Stakinglab .

We will talk about what exactly is Clicknode and why they have associated it with the cryptocurrency developed by Stakinglab LabX. Clicknode is a platform developed by the same stakinglab company that seeks to help those investors who need masternodes accommodation to simplify everything in a single click, now everyone will say why stakinglab developed this platform if there are already many of these, what makes clicknode different is how your own name says all this simplifies to a single click practically so you can forget those steps that can be a bit annoying when hosting a node. After being able to host your nodes in minutes the great team of clicknode will be attentive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be verifying that the node runs successfully so you forget any problem that happens either with the vps or the block chain of the currency that is being listed in our service, basically we focus on that you can get the most of the benefits when you stay with us, we can make sure that in clicknode the updates directed by software for nodes and other components with excellent management make our system sustainable, which increases uptime. Now Clicknode is doing something different from the other hosting services and is that most of them collaterals are always within the platform so in clicknode we make sure that your coins are always in your wallet so that you have control of them and have more security this is the most honest way to offer a quality service.

Clicknode has decided to use the cryptocurrency method developed by StakingLab LabX as a method of paying more for the project and moving the currency so that the investing users can work on our platform with the LabX currency. This is a great idea when using directly our currency, basically we focus on our currency, which is why it is this, LABX is your best option so go and run to buy any of our packages which are quite cheap and that by the way are in discount so take advantage and invest in the best hosting platform with the best LabX cryptocurrency.

If you need help with any questions about how the platform works, do not hesitate to contact us on our discord server. Thanks for reading this blog and stay tuned for the next weeks.

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