New owner and captain  of Stakinglab Antonio

New owner and captain of Stakinglab Antonio

Dear Stakinglab Community,

Today we have good news for you!

As you might know, changes in business life are good and necessary.

This is the reason why we are announcing a huge change we ever had since we create our powerful brand of Stakinglab.

As me and the rest of Stakinglab amazing team were very busy by looking for more than six months and trying to find talented people to join our team with the main aim to push, improve and redefine the Stakinglab project and its complex eco-system.

Today we are thrilled and delighted to present Antonio as our captain of the ship as a  new head of the Stakinglab company. 

Antonio was very interested in the Stakinlab project which we were very impressed by him and he managed to convince us to trust him to be the captain in charge of the whole project which he made us an offer which we couldn't resist it.

Antonio is a very successful Owner and Co-Owner in various companies on FinTech Industry which he manages that helped him to develop his self, meanwhile he became a senior enterprise programmer with his astonishing skills and a very sharp marketing leader.

From today,, Swordfish, Enkili, and Codemaster are going to leave the project with a smile and crying  eye's.

At the same time, Antonio´s company is joining the Stakinglab project and he promised us to work as much as possible to make sure the Stakinglab will prosper in the future.

We are very pleased that we found someone with all the finance and software skills that we trust. One day we will look at Stakinglab and be proud that we were the guys that created this awesome brand from nothing and with contribution from people like Antionio becomes even greater! 

We wish Antiono a great start all the best in the future!

We would like to thank all the Stakinglab users, contributors, customers, and helpers that worked on various projects in Stakinglab.