Get to know the amazing news about LabX and Prelab

Get to know the amazing news about LabX and Prelab

Welcome to this new weekly blog of May 20, 2019 in which we talk about any progress or news that is being discussed about Stakinglab, where we can see the great things that are being achieved, this section of the blog has been created so that everyone who works with our platform is informed that Stakinglab works every day to provide the best service.


For today we are going to know two things for which we have been working constantly to deliver these great updates that have been developing which are our new wallet LabX and a great update on our Prelab platform. We will know the background of this great news that surely many of our community have been waiting with great enthusiasm, we know that it has been a long time but we want to do things well so that we have a quality product made without any errors since we are a platform that trusts that things must be done with patience and effort to achieve success so come and know this great news.



New LabX has come with great benefits

As we all know the SWAP that has been made to LabX to correct some mistakes was started on 04/02/2019 which would be a 1:1 ratio which was an honest decision for all our investors, this also to make things easier and speed up the process as all investors that their currencies are already in Coinexchange / or Cryptobridge. At within a node or simply at your deposit address, you don't have to do anything! that helped us continue to develop the SWAP successfully, but in the same way if you had your coins in your desktop wallet we made a form so you could retrieve your coins without any problems this process was well seen by our large community who were very happy with what we were going to resolve with these decisions for us as a team was very gratifying the acceptance and encouragement of our loyal community that day by day is supporting us to be the best. After having passed a great moment of successful development we can happily announce that the new wallet and coins are ready and have been launched.


Something very important that we want to note in this publication is that we mainly want to thank all our community and investors who have taken this calmly and with much enthusiasm without any problem, after waiting a few weeks in which we have received many encouraging messages for the enthusiasm to move forward with the development of the new wallet we realized that we have an excellent community which gives us to understand that we are doing our job well and if this is the fruit of when you do things well you will always have the full support. As a thank you and the delay since no one could get rewards in maintaining LabX we decided to increase the ROI to 800% which is something very good for our community so you can get your investment in a faster way this is in order to reward your interest and support with our project! so now it just remains to generate passive income while you sleep!


To finish with this section we want to announce for the traders of LabX in Cryptobridge that in a short time we will be back and we will cease to be in maintenance but the most important thing to know is that ATTENTION YOU NEED TO GENERATE A NEW DEPOSIT ADDRESS since you can NOT use OLD deposit address! We want to warn our investors and be vigilant to avoid future problems. 


Link to Github wallet version 1.0.1 

New project on our Pre-sales platform

Prelab, follows the development of our pre-sales platform for young projects that want to expand their vision and publicity of the project and can be seen as currently day by day leave projects that are scam and need help to be seen in the community and investors in general, so we have decided to develop this platform to help those projects, if you want to know more about this we have made a publication about this platform which you can see by clicking on this link. We have a new project that we have listed in our platform which is BULPCOIN CRIPTO FOR WEBGAMES PLATFORM. An attractive and innovative project which has a case of very striking use which is potential because Bulp will be used mainly in web games or mobile applications. In view of the great growth in the area of games on cell phones and computers, we will integrate a platform of games directly interconnected in our so-called blockchain, the so-called DAPPS, which today are seen in some currencies and are a great success. 


What is special about Prelab and what we can limit is that we make a deep study on the project we will list to verify its legitimacy and that for us is important the investment made by our community and that also this can be a potential project that can win more to our community, Prelab is adding more young projects that will have the support of us if you are or know a developer who is starting a new project and you need your project to be known with legitimacy Prelab is your best option.


This has been the weekly blog of May 20, 2019, We want to see you comment on the new news about the SWAP and how has been your experience waiting for this to happen? We would also like your opinion about our Prelab platform, what do you think about it?  Please go to our discord server and mention this as your opinion is important to us!




Thank you for reading.

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