While people who deal with currencies realize that it is so easy to utilize Cryptocurrencies, there are numerous new clients who do not understand how Cryptocurrencies market functions. Beginners believe that Cryptocurrencies are something that is very difficult to utilize, while users who have experience are profiting by this technology. Despite everything, Cryptocurrencies can be still considered as a very difficult process for some clients. So, in order that beginner users who deal with Cryptocurrencies to know how it functions and how they can profit from it, Cryptocurrency needs to get more easy to use and should make things considerably less difficult for them. Below we are going to explain every detail, everything that users need to know about GIN coin and its features and also how it functions, so users will have a clear idea about GIN features as being part of the currency market.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

A Cryptocurrency is the second form of payment, its technology enables you to send it directly to others without experiencing an outsider as the bank is. As a medium of exchange, Cryptocurrencies use cryptography to do transactions and verify the transfer of instruments.The control mechanisms of cryptocurrencies are controlled through a blockchain that works as a distributed transaction database. Every user has private codes which prevent their data from being accessed by different users.

What is GINcoin?

GIN coin is a cryptocurrency, which furnishes people who decide to invest in cryptocurrencies with a simple method for making and send their own Masternodes regardless of their technical abilities GIN coin is a cryptocurrency that presents instant and anonymous transactions. This coin has access in Masternodes technology and consists of instant and private transaction features that assists clients to develop their Masternodes in the platform.

- Instant send feature

This feature is used to facilitate near instant transactions despite the fact that inputs can be locked to certain strategies and established via consensus on the Masternode networks. Any nonfunctional transactions within the ecosystem can be blocked or denied. If a consensus can’t be reached, evaluation of the transaction is processed through standard block confirmation processes. Instant send also assist to facilitate the common issue of double spending and minimizes long affirmation instances to which users of currencies such as Bitcoin are familiar with.

- Private send feature

GINcoin provides its clients with a supplier called Private send that enables clients to mix their crypto property with various coins, previously sending them to a wallet in a very anonymous method. The platform is able to provide the clients with modifications in a progressing transaction via relying on Masternodes as a substitute than a single website, as properly as limiting the mixing to exclusively receive certain sections and passive operation methods. So, in order for you to have a clear idea about the Private send feature, below we are going to make some steps about how it functions as a feature.

• Private Send feature starts by changing your transaction inputs down into standard categories. These categories are 0.01 GBX, 0.1 GBX, 1 GBX and 10 GBX — similar as the cash money you utilize each day.

• Your wallet at that point, sends the request to particularly configured software Masternodes. The masternodes by that request are aware that you are interested in mixing certain categories. 

• A mixing session that you have required begins, now Masternode mixes up the inputs and instructs of users’ wallet in order to pay for the transformed input.

• So as to completely uncertain your funds, your wallet must repeat this procedure various occasions with each category.

So, now since you have a general idea about how Private Send functions, we are going to explain what are Masternodes that we have used in the text above.

What are masternodes?

• Masternodes are servers that fulfill transactions in cryptocurrencies network and are also used for features as instant transactions or private transactions. To create a Masternode, a user needs to secure an explicit measure of the coin. Users can then either set up a server to have the Masternode, or request that a service provider do as such in their behalf. (here you will put the link of the website, as we agreed).


Special features that Masternodes provide users with

• Expanding security of exchanges 

• Doing moment exchanges 

• Participating in administration and voting

• Empower planning and treasury framework in cryptos


GIN platform

The GIN platform was intended to provide users with simple access to Masternode rewards. It is essentially an online application that enables users to make and send Masternodes for GINcoin and additionally other Masternode coins that use this administration. Because of its features investors that will use the platform, will find the process of activating a Masternode easier that they have imagined, because its servers will create and configure Masternodes automatically, without users having the need to activate it by themselves. In this case, all that you as a user have to do, is to select a coin that you would like to use and to follow instructions that will be showing you on screen after you do the selection in order to complete the Masternode setup. 

So, if you are going to have access to the platform, you will be charged with a daily fee of $0.5 USD worth of GINcoin. Now let us explain what fee is, in case that somebody is not informed with the term. A fee is a price a user pays as remuneration for rights or services, in our case the fee is used for hosting and for maintaining the Masternode in the platform.

Every single Masternode that you convey utilizing this platform will cost you 0.5 $ each day in GIN coins. The platform takes the amount of 0.5$ automatically from your account balance daily, so you will need to have enough balance in your account in order to cover up the hosting costs. 

GIN coin is priced at $1.24. Currently market volume is $5,800,000 USD with a daily volume of $46,826 USD. You can find GINcoin listed and available for trade at Stackinglab among other listed coins.