Great news happens on Clicknode, Demonstrating our constancy and effort for our community.


Welcome to this new weekly blog of April 29, 2019 in which we talk about any progress or news that is being discussed about Stakinglab, where we can see the great things that are being achieved, this section of the blog has been created so that everyone who works with our platform is informed that Stakinglab works every day to provide the best service.


For today we will talk about something very exciting because when we get news about things related to our platforms for us is a clear and obvious proof that we are doing things the right way. Today we will talk about, the platform developed by Stakinglab that seeks to help those investors who need to host a masternode with a single click, as we managed to be listed on an amazing platform such as and also about news for our community, we are announcing a special offer for our community.


Clicknode listing on


Surely you have ever heard or read about as it is the main source of news related to masternodes. This platform focuses on developing news, analysis, and interviews with projects of masternode coins. Day by day we manage to see how many hosting platforms for masternodes come to light if I would name them it would be a very extensive list but not all manage to attract the attention of many investors or analysts. has a section where they have the best service providers and “Clicknode” has been listed for its great work and commitment, in the section of hosting service, they announce that we currently have 3,379 active nodes and $899,178 invested in our platform, which is really astonishing. So these are great news for us and our community, but if you want to read the whole publication they made about us I will leave the link.


Some special Service for all Masternode lovers


Take advantage of our Service with and host your masternodes, so your passive income speaks for you, generates money while you sleep with Clicknode. If you want to know more about please contact our team in the great community of discord!


This has been the weekly blog for March 29, 2019, what do you think of this great news for our hosting platform Clicknode? do you agree that we have the best stable hosting system? Tell us, it is important for us to also hear your opinion. Go to our discord community and talk about it.


Thank you for reading.

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