Find out how John McAfee teaches us, that in a bear market you can get good rewards with staking pools

Find out how John McAfee teaches us, that in a bear market you can get good rewards with staking pools

March 9, 2019








Welcome to the blog of March 9, 2019, in which we will talk about the surprise of many users who regularly work with proof of stake and masternodes and this news has been a great boom come with me and know about this.

John McAfee, the US computer programmer who was also one of the main creators of antivirus software and founder of McAfee, the most famous antivirus in the world, knows that he has already invested in cryptocurrencies. He is a famous billionaire who believes in this world. made an important tweet in he has attracted a lot of attention since he placed the following.

Link of the Tweet

As you can see he says that the bear market has driven him to invest in staking pools and that this has yielded great results and if this is possible since it is surprising as the colloquially called ecological mining every day causes more commotion in the world for its effectiveness The masternodes and proof of stake are the present and the future of cryptocurrencies, this is a fact friends that better impulse to invest in the future of cryptocurrencies John knows that although all this going down there is a light of hope with this already so much for the As for large investors, it is better to invest in something that generates you passively than to leave behind a coin that does not generate extra income. Like John there are many people who are still betting on the proof of stake and masternodes, the results that they continue to give are impressive.


Why is it really good to invest in Staking pools?

As John and many people have understood that the mining Proof of stake and masternodes have been a breakthrough in the world of cryptocurrencies and that it is a great option to obtain passive income, say you have certain amounts of coins that you just holdeas in your wallet hoping that they rise and you can recover the investment but you realize that that moment does not arrive but I would say that you can do the same with coins that are proof of stake by placing them in staking pools they can generate more and more passive income since they multiply with the passage of time and give you greater benefits! Be smart like John and double your investment in staking pools!


Something really surprising about this Tweet is that he mentioned our service because our job is to be committed to offering the best service for our investors, so StakingLab shows with these facts that our service is focused on excellence and category. I would like you to share your ideas in our discussion of the discord community about this incredible news. Thanks for reading this blog, stay tuned for the next one.


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