LABX mandatory Wallet Update 1.0.5

LABX mandatory Wallet Update 1.0.5

Dear Stakinglab Community, 

Today we would like to inform you that we have updated the LabX wallet, this update is mandatory that's the reason we kindly ask you to update the wallet. 

In this wallet version update, we have successfully managed to make these changes mention below:

  1. Bugfix at block 300k 

  2. Bugfix at reward structure

  3. Modified Reward structure

  4. Some other minor bugfixes

Please find the last Wallet version at our GitHub repository:

Current wallet Version is 1.0.5 

From the moment that you update your wallet before block 300k, you do not need to re-sync or stop/restart your masternode. 

All masternodes hosted on will be updated by Stakinglab team, your local wallet needs to be updated by you.

Important information: If you have any trouble during the synchronization of your wallet please let us know immediately by writing us on discord (we never contact you first).