Prelab - the Presale evolution

Prelab - the Presale evolution

"Prelab" - the platform for pre-sales, developed by StakingLab 


Welcome to this new weekly blog of March 27, 2019 in which we talk about any progress or problem that is being discussed about StakingLab, where we can see the great things that are being achieved, this section of the blog has been created so that all who work with our platform are informed that StakingLab works every day to provide the best service for you.


It is a pleasure for me to announce something very special, since StakingLab is working hard for you: our great community of investors. For today's topic we have brought this news to add with facts our achievements and commitment to bring you the best. Prelab - the Presale evolution.

Presale Evolution!

If we talk about pre-sales in a projects of "masternode" and "proof of stake" coins is a subject that many of us remains a mystery. Many projects at the time of making their pre-sales take complete control, what I mean by this?
Every project when it begins to promote has a pre-sale and these are done manually most via "disord", at the end we do not really know how many coins were sold or if we really receive the bought coins and stuff like that. Many Scammers try to "fish" coins with face payment requests and all this strange things.


StakingLab developed a platform for coin owners (developers) who decide to make their pre-sales in a reliable, safe place and with a large number of potential investors.

We make an inspection on the new project and place with real facts from when it starts to when it ends as well as the minimum amount of purchase and the amount of coins sold at the time so the coin dev can manage in an orderly way. This platform was developed and launched on March 17, after a few days we already listed two new projects in our pre-sale platform.

Let's see what this platform is all about.








This platform is made in a light and very eye-catching, userfriendly way.

Who wants to navigate in it we can see the two current projects mentioned above as they were listed in such a short time, you can see in the first place that appears the start and end date as well as the amount of coins to sell but if we enter the currency project we can see completely all the information of this project as official links. In depth everything about the project as well as a brief introduction about it. The information about the pre-sale of the project is made in real time for transparency to the user, this information is vital to the progress of the project.


For us it is important that all our readers see that StakingLab gives results and that our daily work, offers the best. What do you think about this platform and the great advantages?
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Thank you for reading

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