Reworked LabX reward structure

Reworked LabX reward structure

Hello Stakinglab community,


Let us start by thanking you for all the positive feedback we have received over the past few weeks on the new LabX innovations and use cases. To make sure LabX has a sustainable future and to counter unsustainable inflation we decided to rework the reward schedule for LabX to fit the requirements above.


So what does this change in reward schedule mean for LabX? It is as simple as the law of supply and demand. As some of you might have noticed the current block reward was bigger than the demand which led to downside price pressure. To counter this we came to the conclusion of a lower, more sustainable block reward. This means that when supply is lower and the demand becomes bigger and bigger the price of LabX is bound to go up especially with a growing amount of use cases.


Now you know why we decided to lower the block reward let us present the reworked reward schedule.


Roi in % can be found on the 29th line. As you can see in the spreadsheet changes will apply to every block after block 50000. The measure described above will have a great

positive impact on the sustainability of LabX and it’s ecosystem. We hope everyone can see the benefits and profitability of lowering the block reward. We at Stakinglab are confident that this is another big step towards a successful ecosystem and will have a huge positive impact on the price and overall sustainability in the long run.

We hope that this blog cleared up all questions and doubts you may had, if not we would be happy to assist you in our Discord which can be joined via the following link;



Stakinglab team


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