Every great project requires a professional team endless effort and time

Every great project requires a professional team endless effort and time

Dear Community, 

As you imagine, every great project requires a professional team with endless effort and time. We are giving our best that LabX project to reach the aims which we have set. We have had many requests regarding the project that’s why we need to apologize if we have not responded yet we will get to you very soon in case we didn’t!

We are very confident that we will soon bring the LabX under CMC top 500, as you might have noticed that way how we are communicating seems to be very effective. With hard work and dedication now we are truly proud that the volume of LabX is increasing rapidly day to day since we took over the project, for the moment the price has increased from 136 to 650 Satoshi which in percentage is 475% and this has been done only within two weeks.

With this trend as professionals we recommend you to not sell out you LabX coins yet, keep them until we are back to the price that all of you would like to see LabX coins.


Increasing the community trust and the value of this astonishing project is our main goal, as you might know, a project like LabX needs dedication, hard work and definitely a project of this scale is not a one-man project that’s why we want to introduce to you our amazing team by giving you the chance to know more for each member what’s their background and their position within Stakinglab.


Proved to be a very successful Owner and Co-Owner in different companies on FinTech Industry, senior enterprise programmer with his great skills and a very sharp marketing leader.



Experienced software engineer based on Central Europe. Open Source Geek. Always eager to learn new technologies. Highly attracted by innovative solutions.




A Communication Designer based in Europe, working for more that 8 years in design industry with main focus in Communication, Branding, and Brand Experience.


The Snake

Highly experienced software engineer with 7+ years in crypto industry, based in Germany. Focused in Crypto development, wallets and exchange.



The tasks that have been done in the past few days: 

  • Fixing and improving the usability of Stakingalb.io website
  • Email Servers are reinstalled now, which will help us to speed up the process and response for our customers
  • We made some needed changes on clicknode.io website front-end and back-end development
  • We successfully managed to restructure Clicknode infrastructure and reducing the operating cost by over 50%  
  • Social media marketing paid and organic marketing campaigns were lunched for short term and long term

We are working very hard to update our wallet the update of which we are planning to lunch within two weeks. We are also working in our new roadmap and developing strategy

Follow us and save your LabX coins otherwise you fill regret it