The great invention of Prelab and some feedback insight

The great invention of Prelab and some feedback insight

The great invention of Prelab and some feedback insight Stakinglab receives every day by our community.

Welcome to this new weekly blog of April 15, 2019 in which we talk about any progress or news that is being discussed about Stakinglab, where we can see the great things that are being achieved, this section of the blog has been created so that everyone who works with our platform is informed that Stakinglab works every day to provide the best service.


For today we will talk about something that was mentioned in the previous blog already and is one of the main points to deal with in this blog for today.

As we’ve shown, when Stakinglab proposes something we achieve it as well and fulfills it successfully. We are focused on offering the best of services and not only to our community but to projects that are starting.

Because we all know, every start is difficult but if you have friends who can give you a hand to start your project and avoid the risks it might not succeed. 


Prelab is a great platform developed for all those projects that want to make their pre-sale with great benefits. All this information can be found in the blog of March 29th. It has been a while since two projects have requested our prelab service and as you can see their PreSales were finished already successfully.

These two projects have been successful as we can say, Stakinglab’s PreSale Platform was a fundamental base for these projects to start off on the right foot and why did this happen?

It turns out that we have managed to reach the hearts and confidence of many investors who trust us every day within our service for masternode hosting & staking.

What we offer is successful and adding this we know that when a new currency comes to light the first investors are the ones who will really win. Over time it has been discovered that this is risky because most of these projects end up being scam so if a project manages the pre-sale with us any investor has the kind of assurance that it will be a legit project and that it will be a real potential investment.

To be able to do this before a coin project is requesting the pre-sale, we do a study of everything from the equipment to the structure of the coin to see if it is a reliable project and can be listed in our pre-sale. 


The results are successful because for us it is a joy that we have helped these projects grow giving them the tools and support to start. We check the amount of active masternodes, good trading volume and social media activity as well as the whitepaper and other criteria before we decide to grant access to our PreSale App for this project .

Stakinglab offers the best of service, if you are an enthusiastic developer who wants to realise a presale or if you know some coin project in need of help in their presale do not hesitate to contact us.


When it comes to projects the community is the main and most important part. Because it is the community who holds the strength and for us it is very exciting that day by day we get these kinds of messages in our chats and channels. This happens because you as investors do a good job and Stakinglab always offers the greatest attention and benefits to the community.

You can enter any of our chats and realize that Stakinglab is dominated by love, union, and brotherhood between their community and project team.

And you? What do you really think about us? Are you happy with our service? Feel free to leave some feedback in our Discord, your opinion is one of the main focus for us. 


Thank you for reading.

musicayfarandula Writer