Shared Masternode & PoS Pool service! Weekly update blog 03/31/2019 Shared Masternode & PoS Pool service! Weekly update blog 03/31/2019

Welcome to the twenty-eight weekly update blog. In this blog we will be summing up what has happened in the past week and what will be coming in the near future.


News and events:

- The LabX collateral increase is coming closer each day. This will lead many existing investors to buy coins of the market to keep their masternodes running thus increasing demand.


- The time of Discord presales is over! Stakinglab’s subsidiary platform  offers seamless presales of the latest masternode and PoS coins.


New masternode/proof of stake coins:


At StakingLab we always try to give what the community wants. Therefore we recently added the following masternode/proof of stake coin(s);


Trunk Coin: We are focussing on multi Android wallet, multi iOS wallet, multi-hardware wallet, and services related to wallet developments with Trunk Coin


ESBC: Nowadays online betting has quite drastic issues: in particular, major members of the market do not want to adapt to new trends and technologies, neither do they want to perform open and transparent operation(s). That is why our team of developers is (are) working on a brand new project.


Stakinglab’s weekly coin voting:


Stakinglab's weekly coin voting round 4 starts now! Vote for coins like PARQ, Smartcash, Energi, Electra, SpiderVPS, FlexWork and Olympic to be listed on Stakinglab at Don't see your coin in the voting tab? You can still suggest a coin for the voting at May the best coin win!


New masternodes:

BITG-MN-003 :

BITG-MN-027 :

BITG-MN-034 :

BITG-MN-036 :

DASHG-MN-005 :

DCO-MN-021 :

DOGEC-MN-036 :

MARC-MN-057 :

POLIS-MN-006 :


New instant nodes:

DASHG-MN-002 | Instant :

DEV-MN-045 | Instant :

ESBC-MN-002 | Instant :

LABX-MN-129 | Instant :

LABX-MN-130 | Instant :

MARC-MN-058 | Instant :

PAWS-MN-022 | Instant :

WCF-MN-013 | Instant :


If it turns out that the nodes of the coin you are trying to invest in are full then make sure to request a new one in the Discord which can be found on our site. Please keep in mind that we do not make any more nodes for the following coins: ALQO, BND, CDM, CRS, POWO, REVU, SCRIV and PRJ.


Thanks for reading the twenty-eight weekly update blog.
We look forward to seeing you in the next one.