Shared Masternode & PoS Pool service! Weekly update blog 04/14/2019 Shared Masternode & PoS Pool service! Weekly update blog 04/14/2019

Welcome to the thirtieth weekly update blog. In this blog we will be summing up what has happened in the past week and what will be coming in the near future.


News and events:

- The LabX swap arrived and is starting as of now. If your coins are on CoinExchange, CryptoBridge or Stakinglab you don't have to do anything. If your coins are on neither of these platforms then follow the steps and fill in the information described in this google document:


- LabX is coming back stronger than ever. The new wallet and chain will be a direct fork of PIVX. And on top of that we won't be having anymore 3rd party developers. This makes it so the chances of future failure are very, very slim.


- This is a reminder that Stakinglab's subsidiary company, Clicknode. Is FEE FREE for the month of April. What are you waiting for? Start hosting your masternode for free with the click of a button at


New masternode/proof of stake coins:


At StakingLab we always try to give what the community wants. Therefore we recently added the following masternode/proof of stake coin(s);


Olympic Coin: In a rapidly globalizing world Olympians aim is to become the meeting hub for sports lovers and for all internet users, searching for something new to do or try, no matter where their whereabouts. The Olympic coin blockchain is a three-tier network comprised of a proof of stake system powered by masternodes. OLMP coin will be the currency that fuels the group of services and products that are being produced by the GetFit program. OLMP seeks to radically change the way in which people exercise and exchange fitness and wellness products and services online.


New masternodes:

ALCUP-MN-005 :

BITG-MN-037 :

COLX-MN-010 :

EVOS-MN-004 :

ICA-MN-008 :

LGS-MN-022 :

LGS-MN-023 :

LGS-MN-024 :

LGS-MN-026 :

MARC-MN-061 :

MARC-MN-062 :

OLMP-MN-003 :

PNY-MN-056 :

ZEST-MN-020 :


New instant nodes:

ALCUP-MN-004 | Instant :

ALCUP-MN-006 | Instant :

ICA-MN-007 | Instant :

LGS-MN-025 | Instant :

PAWS-MN-004 | Instant :

ZEST-MN-017 | Instant :


If it turns out that the nodes of the coin you are trying to invest in are full then make sure to request a new one in the Discord which can be found on our site. Please keep in mind that we do not make any more nodes for the following coins: ALQO, BND, CDM, CRS, POWO, REVU, SCRIV and PRJ.


Thanks for reading the thirtieth weekly update blog.
We look forward to seeing you in the next one.