Kindly refer to the FAQs and go through the video to learn how the Stakinglab
platform works. Should you have further queries, please contact support on Discord.

You need to have Coins in your personal wallet before you can invest them, following these steps:

  1. Go to a Pool of your choice
  2. Click on the "Deposit" ➕ followed by "INVEST" Button
  3. Add a value that u would like to deposit
  4. Happy Staking
  1. go to Wallets
  2. Choose the Coin you want to send (...)
  3. Click on "generate address" and copy it by clicking on it again
  4. send your coins to that address
  5. your coins will show up in the next 90 minutes

After this, go to a Pool to INVEST them!

The Coins aren't staking in your wallet!

  • Deposit Fee = 0%
  • Reward Fee = 5%
  • Withdrawal Fee = 0%
  • For most MN: there is no Min Dep
  • Rewards get paid 1 / week Share holders should send a request each Friday Each Shareholder can decide to reinvest or withdraw this reward.
  • A shareholder can free his place with prior notice of maximum 1 week so that this can be offered to others, to give them the opportunity to participate and not have to completely dissolve the MN.
  • Deposit anytime! we combine ("CC") your coins after after a stake (see your status)
  • Withdrawal requests will be completed after a stake (max 1 /day) / before we combine "CC"
  • 3% fee for every reward is deducted
  • withdrawal fee is 0.1%

Text in Ethereum Wiki

What is POS (Proof of Stake) as compared to POW (Proof of Work) The first Cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin, use Proof of Work (POW) as method to define who (which “miner”) can add the next block. 

That is, potential miners need to solve additional mathematical problems with are unrelated to the task of processing transactions. This is called “difficulty” – the aim is to make the threshold for mining high enough so that not to many blocks are mined. 

Increasing difficulty off expensive coins leads to extreme waste of resources, notably electricity. Proof of Stake tries to avoid this waste. Instead of solving mathematical puzzles, potential miners (here called stakers) need to leave a certain amount of coins “unspent” – that is not moved – in their wallet. 

Thus the name – they have to put their coins “at stake” – while they are staking, they can’t be sent. 

So – what is staking? 

Leaving your wallet online, to support the network, and leaving some of your coins unmoved on the same address for some time, and thus earning reward.

Dear Masternode Members!

Shared Masternode withdrawals are possible every Tuesday and Friday.
It's important that you have a maximum of 1 active withdrawal process at the same time.
Withdrawal requests before 6 PM (GMT+1) on Tue + Fri will be processed. After this time you will have to wait until next payout day.

Instant Nodes ofc payout every day

You can find your rewards in the wallet tab found on the left side (Or change the question to match the answer then question should be "Where do my Masternode rewards go?"

We offer a very low barrier of entry since our minimum amount to invest is 1 coin, anything above 1 coin is investable on our platform.

Instant Masternode, means:

you can deposit and leave this node like a "normal" pos pool

  • you'll earn rewards immediately after deposit
  • you can also reinvest from or to this node
  • no waiting or setup time
  • you can leave when you need your coins
  • no waiting or replacement needed

For this "Special Service" also special fees apply:

  • deposit fee: 3%
  • wd fee: 0.2%
  • reward fee: 7.5%
Referrals % of Shares
1 - 5 3%
6-10 5%
11-50 10%
50-100 15%
101+ 20%
  • The StakingLab team works with the best of it's knowledge and effort to make this project as rewarding as possible for the community.
  • Our servers run the wallets online 24/7. For your coins safety we backup every 2 hours and the server can only be accessed by 2FA.
  • StakingLab is always up to date with the latest announcements to ensure your coins are being staked in the latest wallet.
  • Our community is increasingly growing, that means you will be staking faster in a pool than you would on your own. And on top of that you benefit from a compounding effect.
  • StakingLab gives everyone a higher chance to hit superblocks by joining the staking pool.

Other benefits:

  • New updates are always shared with the community
  • We share and discuss on new POS coins opportunities with everyone.
  • We are more than just a staking pool, we are here for you and help you along your journey in POS staking.

Let’s stake together!

  POS MN Instant
Reward 3% 5% 7.5%
Deposit 0% 0% 3%
Withdrawal 0.1% 0% 0.2%


For POS Coins, please invest them into the specific Pool and make your Withdrawal request inside the pool.

For Masternodes or Instant Nodes, invest your Coins in the specific "Payout Pool", like #OPCX | PAYOUT ONLY! | OPCX for OPCX.

Then make your Withdrawal request inside that pool.