Company Overview and it's Mission

Established in early 2017 in Germany, Stakinglab launched with an objective to offer a comprehensive platform to investors and project owners for proof of stake coins, masternode coins and other relevant services. Stakinglab hosts the best masternode and staking coins after thorough analysis. In less than two year time, the company has grown from 3 staffs to a 20 member team serving more than 10k active investors out of 20k community members. Our team of experts identifies and evaluates potential new projects before it is made available for the wider audience and help the community to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Stakinglab platform is a secure, fully compliant with Google 2FA security where entrepreneurs can list their best coins to stake for more than 20k community members and at the same time, Stakinglab strives to bring first hand benefits to its members in terms of special pricing, rewards etc. As an investor, you will get robust information that can play a critical role in making the right decision to pick the best proof of stake or masternode coin. Client centricity plays a vital role in client success and our 15 qualified team members are always there to assist you with your queries and concerns in timely manner.

Currently, we have the best masternode coins to invest in, and the best staking coins that offer low risk which makes POS cryptocurrency an interesting area to everyone. Stakinglab does not only list the coins but personalize the support based on individual needs. There are thousand’s of Instant Nodes, Masternodes and close to a hundred Staking Pools offering various benefits to our community members. Our automated rewards payment system pays frequent rewards for instance proof of stake and masternode coins.

Our Platform

Stakinglab offers a secured (fully compliant with Google 2FA Security) online platform for subscribing to a shared masternodes and staking pools. Stakinglab enables entrepreneurs to list their coins on our platform that serves more than10k community members and at the same time, Stakinglab strives to bring first- hand benefits to its members in terms of special pricing, rewards etc. As an investor, you will get robust information that can play an enormous role in making the right decisions about your investment in any of the listed coins on our platform. Our client-centered support plays a vital role, and our 15 qualified team members are always there to assist you with your questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Currently, we are supporting over 100 coins after careful assessment against exhaustive parameters by our expert analysts to ensure client interest is always intact. You can find a consolidated list of coins and masternodes on our landing page. Additionally, there are over 100 instant nodes, over 1000 masternodes, and 30 staking pools offering various benefits to our community members. Our automatic rewards payment system ensures daily reward payouts for instant nodes and twice a week for masternode coins.

How it Works

With a few simple steps, you can register yourself on our platform and explore all the possible investment opportunities. You can create your login on our 2FA-enabled website that ensures the safety of your account with us. Once the user’s account is verified and active, you can read about different coins and masternodes listed on our platform. You can also refer to the discussion forums available and clarify your doubts or seek community advice before deciding on a specific coin for your investment. Once you decide to participate, you can deposit your coins to join a masternode. Based on the total collateral value, your %age will be defined, and your reward will be shared accordingly.

After the masternode reward transaction is confirmed, it will be distributed automatically to all masternode participants according to their contribution towards the collateral. Stakinglab ensures that participants get most of the benefits. We charge minimal fees needed to support the infrastructure and to ensure seamless service to its clients. While we do not charge a fee on deposits, there is a 3% staking rewards fee for maintenance and a 0.1% withdrawal fee. Because masternodes require more resources, we charge a 5% rewards fee for standard masternodes and a 7.5% rewards fee for instant masternodes. For more detailed information, you can contact our team in the official StakinglabDiscord channel listed on our website. We have a robust community and addressing questions and concerns is easy. Everyone in the community is empowered to help answer questions or concerns on regular a basis.


Cryptocurrencies are affected by inflation and one of the easiest ways to overcome this and grow your fortune within the cryptocurrency space is through staking. Staking basically means: holding a cryptocurrency in your wallet for a fixed period of time and earning interest on that holding. Long-term investors can keep their coins safely in a secure wallet, all while generating interest on their holdings. By holding coins in your wallet, you are rewarded for supporting the network. Therefore, your coins will increase in number, depending on how long you hold them in the wallet. Usually, rewards gained from staking are positively correlated with the duration of a coin being held. The longer the stake duration, the higher the returns. Staking does not require to invest in expensive mining infrastructure and gives you a guaranteed and predictable source of income given that the value of the coin increases in predictable figures.


A masternode is a cryptocurrency wallet that keeps and maintains the full ledger of a coin in real time. It is a full node computer wallet that offers a number of advanced features and advantages not available with other cryptocurrency wallets. Technically speaking, masternodes are a series of virtual private and secured servers or bonded validated systems. Just like full nodes in a cryptocurrency, masternodes can be run by anyone. They are fully synced on the blockchain of whatever coin you choose with masternode function availability and operates 24/7. To some, the masternode-backing software can be thought as an alternative version of mining, with far less power consumption. The benefit of this dynamic is that operators can still earn money and provide a service to the network without having to invest in expensive mining gear.

Masternodes achieve anonymity by ensuring that there is no centralized party to attack or take down the network/transactions by a way of coordinate mixing of coins. The chance of earning coins and having a good ROI at each masternodelevel improves linearly with the number of coins. In this type of two-tiered network, the block reward for every block is split between the masternode and the miners, with a certain percentage going to the decentralized treasury system. This way, the masternode always delivers to its community, without having to sacrifice its existing capital.

We at Stakinglab offer a practical and intuitive platform which lowers the costs by introducing a shared masternode concept. You will be rewarded based on the %age of your contribution towards the collateral value for the masternode.

Price prediction isn’t an easy task and it does not make sense to merely hold your coins in the hope of a price rise. Instead, joining a masternode with your coins can help ease the effect of a decrease in price. And when the price for your coin increases, you will have more coins as you will be given rewards thus increasing your overall investment value. In nutshell, by running a masternode you can generate a passive income for yourself. With our service, your cryptocurrency holdings would earn a monthly or weekly interest, turning your investment in a continuous smart passive income based on a certain participation quota.

Why stake together?

Mutual Benefit! Due to the size of our pool, the optimal time of each stake will be shared and as a result, stake rewards will occur more frequently. Having an automated pool which is instantly updated after each stake creates a trustworthy environment. Each wallet is optimized and fine-tuned individually.

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Instant share Masternode

One drawback of masternodes is that the less hyped coins take more time to gather a specific amount (often 1000 coins) to start. This may reduce the pos- sible rewards because of long waiting times until the masternode is full and ready for staking. However, we are offering a revolutionary solution to this problem. We call it instant masternodes. We purchase coins in advance and start a masternode that simultaneously gives away rewards and where inves- tors can join right away.

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Referral System

Stakinglab offers a very lucrative, yet realistic referral reward bonus. If someone registers on the Stakinglab website using your referral link (referral action code), you will earn up to 20% of their rewarding fees. For example, if someone joins using your referral and starts staking LPC coins. Currently, LPC offers 33.36 LPCs as a daily reward for a collateral of 1000 LPC coins. Out of this daily ROI of 33.36 LPC coins, Stakinglab’s fee (7.5%) would be 2.5 LPC coins. You will earn up to 20% of the 2.5 LPC fee which is close to .5 LPC or $2 (at its current price) daily as a referral bonus.

A thoughtful Expansion of StakingLab

Stakinglab is growing in a very consistent manner and like many innovative organizations, we have also been investing significantly on our R&D efforts. We are now all set to offer a unique ecosystem for our valued clients by underpinning all the essential components together.

An ability to offer a true value to the community is the very first step towards creating a meaningful business, and thereby a successful organization. People unarguably agree that Apple is successful today not only because of the iPhone or iPod but also by offering an end-to-end ecosystem to its community. It may not be well-known to everyone that Apple iTunes makes more money for Apple than the sale of products.

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We are considering a very thoughtful expansion of Stakinglab and we have shortlisted the following use cases:
  • • A marketplace for job seekers and talent hunters for blockchain/digital currency industry
  • • Blockchain as a service (BAAS)
  • • Homegrown payment system for Stakinglab services
  • • Next generation cryptocurrency exchange

A marketplace for jobseekers and talent hunters for blockchain/digital currency industry

Our platform will be extremely easy to use with only required options for users and other stakeholders. The main objective of the platform is to help connect job seekers with recruiters in the field of crypto/digital currency and blockchain industry. With the growing popularity of Stakinglab and existing strong client base, people are going to benefit quickly, as it all about socializing people’s skills with potential recruiters.

We are expecting 1.5k to 2k candidate registrations in just 2-3 weeks. Once we have competencies listed, we will start promoting skills against the requirements and assist both candidate and recruiter in the entire hiring process. We aim to host the complete recruitment experience for organizations in the near future. This will offer very comprehensive services like sourcing profile, interviewing for required skills, and also help with the onboarding and training processes.

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Blockchain as a service (BAAS)

Something as a service concept started long back and the whole idea behind these kinds of offerings was to cut down the cost of delivery and time to market your product. Blockchain as a service is going to be the first of its offering to our clients.

Generally, companies look to address big problems and ignore small ones even though they are significant in nature in terms of time, value, and money. Stakinglab's offering is focused primarily on use cases which are small in nature, yet critical for the whole operation or delivery of your product.

For example: as a young entrepreneur, you decide to launch your cryptocurrency wallet and you know how essential the security vulnerability check for your wallet code is. It becomes even more important if you have outsourced your development. Stakinglab BAAS offering will address this challenge seamlessly in a cost-effective manner for you. You can get your wallet code developed by whomever you wish to and use our services to ensure there are no security-breach vulnerabilities in your wallet code. Our experienced security professionals (ethical hackers) will scan through each line of your wallet code and give feedback if there are any vulnerabilities of any kind, i.e. SQL injection, cross-site scripting, broken authentication, session management, etc.

IWe cannot over-emphasize the importance of a security vulnerability assessment and protection of your wallet. You can easily acquire this service for your wallet at a very cost-effective price and can rely on the outcome of our testing.

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The homegrown payment system for Stakinglab services

Stakinglab’s sophisticated payment system will enable communities to make seamless and secure transactions while keeping low transaction fees. Stakinglab offers multiple services and existing clients will be the first beneficiary of a payment system. Clients can use Staking Lab’s payment system and stakinglab coin to make payments for all the services offered by the Stakinglab platform.

Clients will be able to download Stakinglab’s safe and secure wallet for their Android/iOS devices. The wallet will be easily configurable and can connect to the wider Stakinglab platform to enable all the required transactions.

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Next generation cryptocurrency exchange

One of our goals is to develop a high-volume PoS and masternode coin exchange where people can trade their preferred coins, convert them with a wide variety of other popular coins, and liquidate without having to bear the transfer fee to some other exchange. This last step will conclude our mission or commitment to offer a fully-fledged holistic platform where you can buy, sell, stake and liquidate your cryptocurrency holdings.

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Coin Specification

Conclusion: StakingLab believes in bringing real value by offering a holistic platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our research shows that people point out for consolidation of services for simplicity instead of having too many platforms to achieve their objective of growing funds in the world of crypto/digital currency. StakingLab’s next generation platform will offer the following services along with existing POS and masternode services:

• A sophisticated payment platform
• Specialized job portal for crypto/digital currency or blockchain domain
• Advisory services like security vulnerability assessment for wallet codes
• Single click masternode hosting
• Next gen cryptocurrency exchange for POS and masternode coins
Support this revolutionary platform and be part of this success story by participating in the LabCoin ICO sale.

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